„Rainbow Bridge” is a name of a crematorium and cemetery for pets. It is located in Szymanów near  Wrocław and has been functioning since 2002. It is the only place in Poland where the individual cremation of your pet is possible. The cremation can be carried out in presence of the owner. After that he is given the urn with his pet ashes and the certificate of cremation. If willing, there is a possibility of traditional burial on our cemetery.  Decorative stone with the plaque of the owner choice is put on the pet’s grave. Our cemetery is run by permission and under the supervision of sanitary and veterinary authorities. We own the specialized vehicle to transport pet bodies. We also offer the wide range of funeral articles such as coffins, urns, grave photography, grave stones, etc.


email: cmentarzdlazwierzat@op.pl
phone: +48 600758 556